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We provide a wide range of custom molding and manufacturing solutions for individuals and various industries. Our proprietary molding technology is ideally suited for reducing the cost of your small production and prototyping needs.


Coming Soon - Airstream Weep Hole Covers

We are currently working with Alan David from AirstreamForums.com to design affordable and durable weep hole covers for the Airstream community.   Our target pricing for the two types of covers is $4.00 for the small style covers, and $5.50 for the large style.   We are also planning on offering volume discounts on orders of 10 or more to further help Airstream owners already pinched by high gas prices.

At this point, the small style cover redesign is complete & awaiting testing results before being offered to the general public. These are nearly twice as thick as the "common" style to enhance durability, and we are also adding additional UV stabilizers to our already UV resistant urethane to provide maximum protection against UV damage.

The larger covers are still in the redesign phase.  We are investigating several materials to provide protection against accidental breakage due to impact. As with the small covers, these will also have added stabilizers for ultimate UV protection.


Graham-Bradley Steering Wheel Refurbishment

Antique tractor enthusiasts will be pleased to know that we have recently acquired a near-mint condition Graham-Bradley steering wheel, and we now have the the capacity to begin remanufacturing these for you. To our knowledge, we are the only supplier of this particular product. You can see the results, and get additional information here

We also have replica Graham-Bradley gear shift knobs available.  As with the steering wheels, these were molded from an original Graham-Bradley shift knob, and are an exact duplicate of the OEM part.  Pictures and additional information coming soon.


08/11/2005 - Press Release by Family-eStore.com
Family-eStore.com and Swan Manufacturing Co. announce charity support agreement

(PRWEB) August 11, 2005 -- A prominent website that has emerged on today's scene in the last few years named Family-eStore.com recently negotiated with Swan Manufacturing Company to offer their totally unique product line on the Family-eStore.com website. In the negotiations they both agreed to give 10% of their profits to various charities. This agreement from Family-eStore.com and Swan Manufacturing Company accents a new and different approach to both niche markets.

Swan is the manufacturer of a brand new product line called Nature Casts. Nature Casts is a concept that was totally conceived and developed by Swan Manufacturing, and has a very unique approach to its product line: "As with everything in nature, no two pieces are exactly the same...even identical twins are not 100% alike."  Nature Casts products are all individually unique as well.  These products are artist's creations that were originally molded from portions of living trees, rocks, fossil beds, sticks, and other natural materials, and then transformed by professional craftsmen and artisans to create durable and functional display pieces suitable for use indoors or out. Each unique piece is handcrafted from a secret formula of composite resins to provide years of maintenance-free beauty.

This exclusive line and concept (we guarantee) you will not find at your local Wal-Mart. They are manufactured only in the United States, to help stimulate and grow the U.S. economy - a trend that the Fortune 500 companies seem to be out of synch with given the out-sourcing movement found in our marketplace today.

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